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Leslie Johnson Guilty; But is She Ashamed?

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Most Prince George’s County residents are anxious for the embarrassing era of Jack and Leslie Johnson to be over. However, what will never be fully resolved for me, and perhaps for others, is the perceived lack of shame and remorse they have expressed for their actions.

When they were arrested, I expressed my own feelings of shame about the County’s leaders and it is still one of the most visited posts on my blog, so I assume others shared my feelings on the topic. While we are finally getting some closure with the Johnsons’ recent guilty pleas, I am disappointed in their public statements. It’s one thing to plead guilty to a crime in federal court. It’s quite another to immediately step outside the courthouse, call it a “mistake,” and express no remorse.

I’m not sure I should feel better because they both claim that, despite their mistakes, we shouldn’t forget that they have done so much “good” for the County. While I don’t believe it’s necessary for them to wear a “scarlet letter” for the rest of their lives, it would make it easier for me to forgive and forget if I felt they were truly sorry for the damage they have caused. Instead, their public statements are laced with an obvious tone of both unrepentant pride and subtle anger for having to admit to and pay for their “mistakes.”

What do you think? Are you hearing a similar message at the end of this saga?


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June 30, 2011 at 4:37 pm

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  1. Miss MoneyBra is clearly not in the least ashamed, she continues to sit before law-abiding citizens of the county and pretend to represent constituents. She may have handed over the trappings of the position but she’s holding tight to the reins (and the DOLLARS) of control over the lives of good law-abiding people.

    Sadly, we have not heard the end of this story, and probably won’t at least until the end of the month — possibly even later. I can’t fathom it myself, but she really seems to either be totally without any sense, or so completely immoral as to have no concern for the County, its people, or her children and herself.


    July 13, 2011 at 8:34 pm

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