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Pop Quiz on Candidate Derrick Leon “Boogie” Davis

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Thanks to Goose Sain for sharing.

In the 2010 District 6 County Council race, Derrick Leon Davis raised $44,263 in campaign contributions. 

Question 1: How much money did Derrick Leon Davis raise from Union PACs? 
(a) $2,000 (b) $6,000 (c)  $12,000  (d) $22,000  (e) $32,000
Question 2: How much money did Derrick Leon Davis raise from campaign-to-campaign transfers from Delegates Dereck Davis and Justin Ross? 
(a) $2,000 (b) $6,000 (c)  $12,000  (d) $20,000  (e) $32,000
Question 3: How many District 6 residents donated money to Derrick Leon Davis’s campaign? 
(a) 8 (b) 38 (c)  68  (d) 108  (e) 288
Question 3: How much money did District 6 residents donate to Derrick Leon Davis’s campaign? 
(a) $875 (b) $2,875 (c)  $6,875  (d) $14,875  (e) $32,875
Answers: These are real answers – look ’em up. 
Question 1: d
Question 2: d
Question 3: a
Question 4: a
So, why couldn’t Davis raise even $1,000 from District 6 residents? And, if he is so active and in tune with the community, why could he only get eight District residents to contribute to his candidacy? If half his funds came from Dereck Davis/Justin Ross and the other half came from Union PACs, who would Davis have been working for had he been elected in 2010? 
Something to think about, and maybe something to ask before September 20 too.
The above information is solely intended for entertainment value. 

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August 8, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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  1. In my research regarding the the 2010 campaign contributions. These are the official numbers and can be found on the link below the table. It’s interesting that not very many individuals who live in District 6 contributed to Davis’s campaign.

    The greatest strength Davis has is appearing as though he has more of the District 6 support prior to an election then Arthur Turner. The endorsement of County Executive Baker is surprising, he doesn’t live in the district and he is still but one vote even if he did. This can sway people, especially the undecided, which is what we saw last year in the 2010 results. Perception is a very powerful hallucinogen, while fact is a sobering reality. Know the facts, and reseach yourself. To learn more about Arthur Turner and why he is the best fit and most qualified to fill the position of County Council District 6, please visit and remember to vote for Arthur Turner for County Council District 6 in the Special Election on September 20, 2011. Having more then 20 years of “Leading” Community Service speaks volumes.

    Please allow for an error range of +/- 1%


    # of Individual 93 (66 From District 6) 20 (12 From District 6) Total Individual Amounts $11,075.00 ($6,875.00 From District 6) $1,766.23 ($1,261.17 Form District 6)
    # of Businesses 18 3
    Total Business Amounts $7,615.00 $296.80
    # of Out of Sate Slate 0 1
    Out of State (NY) Slate-
    1199 SEIU Amount $0 $6,000.00
    # of MD Slates 1 1
    Patuxent Progressive
    Leadership Slate $1,200.00

    Progressive Alliance
    (4 Different Dates) $20,200.00
    # of MD PACs 2 4
    Maryland PEPCO $200.00

    Environmental Defense $1,500.00

    MSEA Fund for Children
    & Public Education $1,000.00

    McGeo UFCW Local 1994 $6,000.00

    SEIU MD/DC State Council $3,000.00

    Prince George’s County
    Professional Firefighters
    & Paramed $6,000.00

    Grand Total $21,590.00 $44,263.03

    Check the facts at


    August 11, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    • Unfortunatly the formating on WordPress doesn’t go well with the table I posted. This link however still works and will take you the States Election Board where you can enter in a candidates name under “Advanced Search”. Pull up the Excel spreadsheet and compare the numbers.


      August 11, 2011 at 7:18 pm

  2. Wow when are we PG residents going to wake up and say enough is enough with “pay for play”. It’s time that we stand up and start the Tunisian revolution here. (one thing is that the author should link or state references)


    September 26, 2011 at 5:09 pm

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