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Beatrice Tignor (Candidate for Interim PGCPS Superintendent) Lacked Judgment on Andre Hornsby

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Thank you to D.C. Russell of PG-Politics for sharing.

A sampling of past press coverage:

  • Sun, 16 Oct 2004: “Ethics questions also were raised when Hornsby worked in N.Y. … Prince George’s school board members say they knew about questions raised by Hornsby’s interactions with vendors in Yonkers … But they said the board did not deem the issues serious enough to disqualify Hornsby … ‘At the end, there was no impropriety, from what we looked at,’ said Chairwoman Beatrice Tignor. 
  • Sun, 20 Apr 2005: “‘I never knew what was going on,’ said school board Chairwoman Beatrice P. Tignor, who has vigorously defended Hornsby for months”
  • Post, 27 May 2005: “Board Chairman Beatrice P. Tignor, who led the search committee that picked Hornsby two years ago, said the board did not force him out.”
  • Post, 7 Jun 2005: “Tignor (Upper Marlboro) and board member Robert O. Duncan (Laurel) reiterated their view that paying Hornsby $125,000 in severance, plus a year of continued health benefits, was a prudent move.”
  • Post, 23 Jun 2005: “Tignor Says Chief’s Job Isn’t for Her; Thornton, Brown Leave Door Open”
  • Post, 8 Jan 2006: “Tignor has said repeatedly that she is not seeking to replace departed schools chief Andre J. Hornsby. But she has not ruled out accepting the post if …”

Tignor’s role in hiring Hornsby despite a questionable background, vigorously defending him as increasingly serious allegations became public, and paying him off when it became clear that he was a crook, all lead me to believe that she is sadly lacking in judgment and either does not recognize or winks at unethical and corrupt conduct.  It was about the same time when one of our assistant superintendents was convicted of drug money laundering.  Tignor may be competent and academically qualified, but does she have the kind of integrity and ethical sense we need, or will misbehavior again be tolerated if she is made interim superintendent..


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