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In Search of Interim Leadership at PGCPS

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Submitted by Tonya Wingfield

I am a member of the NAACP and while I admire the work our President, Bob Ross, is doing to change the face of the organization, I must respectfully disagree with his endorsement of any candidate except Dr. Duane Arbogast. 
Let’s take a look at this realistically.  From the day that Dr. Hite announced his departure the overwhelming consensus of the community was we needed continuity and therefore the school board should promote a candidate from within.
I have read many recent article praising this administration for their increase in test scores under Dr. Hite’s administration.  Let’s look at this even closer.  Who is the Chief Academic Officer — the individual driving the curriculum which leads to higher test scores?:  Dr. Arbogast.   Who is currently employed by the Prince George’s County school system?:  Dr. Arbogast.  Who has the most recent experience leading the education of children in a primary and secondary school setting?:  Dr. Arbogast.  Who was recently promoted to Deputy Superintendent?  Dr. Arobgast.  The only thing I can see where Dr. Arbogast differs is that the other three candidate on the list “look” like the majority population of Prince George’s County.
If it is the intent of the Board to do what is right by children and not play petty politics, then the choice for Interim Superintendent is a no-brainer:  Dr. Duane Arbogast.

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August 16, 2012 at 4:59 pm

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